Digital platform for nanomaterials in biomedical applications


Υπολογιστική πλατφόρμα για νανοϋλικά για βιοϊατρικές εφαρμογές

Flow in blood vessels using computed tomography angiography (CTA) can be simulated using new digital tools to disclose possible diseases or aneurysms and, furthermore, evaluate significant parameters for their treatment. The development and use of computational tools allows not only the digital representation of blood flow in vessel-trees of interest but also the interaction of vessel walls with artificial implants or membranes for blood treatment and removal of toxins, as is the case of hemodialysis. The group at ICE-HT has developed software for the simulation of blood flow and interaction with nanomaterials, which presents increased performance compared to conventional numerical tools regarding accuracy and, more importantly, simulation time to reach actual clinical workflow times. Digital guidance to 3D-reconstruction and bioprinting can be also offered. AI-based predictions and data processing is under development.

ICE-HT lab (ΠΑΤΡΑ) - Laboratory for the Simulation of Advanced Materials and Processes
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