The Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry (LAC) of the Department of Chemistry of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), established in 1968, has continuously demonstrated many years of excelence in the development and application of modern analytical methods and techniques in a multitude of research applications. LAC is active in the field of Analytical Chemistry and its applications in food, environment, health, clinical and biomedical chemistry and pharmaceuticals, natural products and industrial chemistry, and is a leading laboratory in environmental epidemiology. LAC has long lasting cooperations with public bodies (Ministry, PPC, EYDAP, EODY), companies and industries, as well as a very large number of academic and research institutions both in Greece and Europe, in the context of research program collaborations, service provision and education as well as in the context of the social responsibility of academic institutions The laboratory has an extensive Quality Control and Food Safety system installed.

The research activity of LAC extends to the development and application of analytical methodologies with emphasis to mass spectrometry, but it has the capacities to develop analytical methods for all areas of chemical analysis, including molecular methods. LAC develops chemometric methodologies based on statistical programming languages ​​(R, Matlbab etc), whereas it has created technologies that are adopted worldwide by the scientific community (RRTI, DSFP etc). The infrastructure of the laboratory includes access to state-of-the-art equipment (3 Q-ToF with n-UPLC and MALDI imaging capabilities, NMR with MAS and cryoprobe capabilities, 3 triple  quadrupoles, m-Raman, ICP-MS, gas and liquid chromatographs, etc.). Besides classical chemical analysis LAC is active in the fields of metabolomics and lipidomics, and recently in proteomics. LAC consists of two individual laboratories, which function complementary to each other, the Service Delivery Laboratory and the Research Laboratory. The director of both laboratories and head of the laboratory’s research “Trace Analysis and Mass Spectrometry-group (TraMS)” is Professor of Analytical Chemistry Nikolaos Thomaidis.