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Precision Medicine

The precision medicine flagship initiative offers Personalized Medicine services to all citizens through the Public Healthcare System.


smartHEALTH partners have extensive experience in radiomics and radiogenomics methods and applications for oncology focusing on hybrid imaging systems

Public Sector Digital Transformation

Extensive work has been done on identifying European and international policies and best practices, EU directives and work programs to inform the modernization of the public sector and the development

Infrastructure – HMIU

A molecular imaging facility which hosts a pre-clinical micro-PET/MRI scanner is available at smartHEALTH

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Test Before Invest

Provision of added value services to SMEs, midcaps, and the public sector in their digitalization journey.

Skills & Training

Advanced digital skills and capacities in the health sector.

Support to Funding

Attracting public and private funding through coaching and mentoring.


Energizing the local ecosystem for joint initiatives and internationalization actions

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