The National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (NCSR-D) is the largest self-governing research organization, under the supervision of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Greek Government. NCSR-D consists of 5 multi-disciplinary institutes, 3 of which participate in this initiative.

The Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications (IIT) participates with its Artificial Intelligence laboratory SKEL and more specifically the Biomedical and Health Informatics Team (BioHIT), with a focus on machine learning, data mining and knowledge representation, applied to applied to biomedical and health data, and the Data Engineering Group (DEG), which focuses on AI for automatically optimizing operations over heterogeneous data and Big Data.  SKEL is the core research unit of NCSR-D’s Digital Innovation Hub (DIH), “ahedd – Attica Hub for the Economy of Data and Devices” that aims at the development, orchestration and sustainment of an open digital innovation ecosystem. Ahedd provides commercial-ready solutions on big data management, artificial intelligence-empowered analytics and IoT. Ahedd is registered in the EC DIH catalogue and is also the only Greek BDVA silver-labelled i-space.

The Institute of Nuclear & Radiological Sciences and Technology, Energy & Safety (INRASTES) participates with the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory (MDL) which is active in research in the field of Human Genetics and especially in the study of hereditary cancer predisposing syndromes.

The Institute of Biosciences & Applications (IBA) participates with the Laboratory of Cell Proliferation & Ageing (LCPA) focusing on the investigation of the mechanisms of ageing and longevity, the Designed Biomolecules Research Group which focuses on structure-based discovery of bioactive molecules and computational study of protein dynamics, the Protein Structure and Molecular Modelling Research Group focusing on structural studies of proteins with emphasis on protein linked to diseases.

The Innovation Office (IO) of NCSR-D supports the researchers in business development, tech transfer, fundraising, protecting IPR, commercializing licences and establishing high-technology spin-off companies and networking.  It also supports the companies of Lefkippos, acting as an incubator and accelerator.