Badge of Excellence Awarded at smartHEALTH Hub: Test Before Invest

Badge of Excellence Awarded at smartHEALTH Hub: Successful Provision of the “Test Before Invest” Service to more than 15 Customers!

Yet another milestone achievement for the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) smartHEALTH. The hub proudly announces the reception of a new badge in the “Test Before Invest” category.

The smartHEALTH hub has been honoured with the first badge in the “Test Before Invest” category. This recognises the successful provision of the service to at least 15 clients! It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering digital innovation in healthcare. We empower businesses and organisations to navigate the dynamic landscape of digital challenges and emerge as leaders in the competitive healthcare sector.

The “Test Before Invest” service is our cornerstone approach. Through this service, stakeholders can refine their business strategies, optimise production processes, and elevate the quality of their products and services using cutting-edge digital technologies.

You can  see the official award on the smartHEALTH page in the European Digital Innovation Hub directory here!

The “Badges Programme” initiative by the EDIH Network celebrates and acknowledges the exceptional efforts and achievements of EDIHs. Badges are awarded covering five distinct categories. Further information can be found here!

This particular badge marks yet another exciting step in this journey, but it is also evidence of our commitment to the mission of EDIHs and smartHEALTH in particular.

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