Το smartHEALTH στο 12ο FORUM Υγείας

smartHEALTH Hub Participates in the 12th Health Forum

The smartHEALTH hub participates in the 12th Health Forum, which will take place on May 10th and 11th, 2024, at the “My Way” Hotel (16 Othonos-Amalias Avenue, Patras). The event will be held in a hybrid format, with physical presence of speakers and delegates in the conference venue, while simultaneously being broadcasted live through the official platform of the event www.forumanaptixis.gr.

The 12th Health Forum 2024 will focus on key issues in healthcare, aiming to shed light on critical challenges and foster innovative solutions. It will also feature dedicated segments spotlighting the latest advancements in healthcare, notably emphasizing the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence.

The Forum is organized in collaboration with the Medical Association of Patra, the Region of Western Greece, the Chamber of Achaia, and the Association of Industries of Peloponnese and Western Greece.

The smartHEALTH hub will be presented on the first day of the Forum, Friday, May 10th 2024, from 17:30 to 19:30, at the Info Day entitled “smartHEALTH: Health in the Digital Era” organized by the hub’s partner: the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises of Peloponnese and Western Greece (SEVPE&DW). The session will be held in Greek.

The welcoming remarks of the conference will be delivered by Anna Mastorakou, Deputy Regional Governor of Public Health, and Cleomenis Barlos, President of the Board of Directors of SEVPE&DW. The conference will host a series of speeches by prominent figures in the healthcare and technology sectors. Topics to be discussed include digital transformation in healthcare through smartHEALTH, cutting-edge technologies contributing to digital transformation, applications of modern digital technology in healthcare and biotechnology, as well as the role of digital technologies in promoting Regional Smart Specialization.

Speakers at the Info Day:

  • Kostas Karamanis, Digital Health Transformation, Center for eHealth Applications and Services, Institute of Informatics / ITI, Topic: “smartHEALTH: European Hub of Digital Innovation for Smart Health”
  • Marianthi Frangopoulou, CEO, Hellenic Radiation Dosimetry (HERADO), Topic: “Cutting-edge Technologies for Digital Transformation in Healthcare”
  • Konstantinos Poulas, Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras, Director of IRI Beyond, Topic: “Applications of Modern Digital Technology in Health and Biotechnology: The IRIBEYOND Example”
  • Aristeidis Mamasoulas, Special Service for the Management of the Operational Program “Western Greece”, Topic: “Digital Technologies as a Priority of Regional Smart Specialization”

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