Episode #5 – Interview with Konstantinos Bakogiannis

Welcome to the fifth episode of the smartHEALTH Podcast series, presented by Mr. Pantelis Natsiavas!

Episode 5: Discussion with Konstantinos Bakogiannis – Cardiologist at the Third University Cardiology Clinic of AUTh.

In our fifth episode, we discuss with Mr. Konstantinos Bakogiannis, exploring the digital transformations in the field of medicine and how they affect both healthcare professionals and patients.

Mr. Bakogiannis shares his knowledge and opinions on the integration of digital tools into the country’s hospitals. He explains how new technologies can improve healthcare delivery, reducing the time and cost of treatments while offering new diagnostic and health monitoring capabilities.

During our discussions, we also analyze how patients perceive these new digital solutions. Mr. Bakogiannis initiated the “School for Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases,” an initiative aimed at educating and supporting patients with cardiovascular diseases. He discusses the patients’ reaction to this innovation and the potential of remote education and health monitoring.

Finally, we examine the role of digital tools in the work of healthcare professionals. How can new technologies reduce or increase their workload? Mr. Bakogiannis provides an overview of the current situation and proposes possible solutions to improve doctors’ daily work lives through digitization.

Stay tuned and watch our new podcast featuring one of the pioneers in the field of digital health, Mr. Konstantinos Bakogiannis.

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