smartHEALTH at Innovent Forum 2024: Pioneering Digital Health Innovation in Greece

Read the Greek Version – Προβολή του άρθρου στα Ελληνικά

The European Digital Innovation Hub smartHEALTH participated in the Innovent Forum 2024, a two-day hybrid science and technology event organized by the innovation park JOIST on February 9 &10, 2024, under the theme “Tech for Humanity.” Mr. Konstantinos Koutsogiannis from PRAXI NETWORK of FORTH represented smartHEALTH in a discussion involving most Greek European Digital Innovation Hubs.

During the Round Table discussion titled “Digital Innovation” held on the second day of the Forum, Mr. Konstantinos Koutsogiannis provided insights, information, and experiences on behalf of the smartHEALTH hub, representing cutting-edge expertise in the fields of precision medicine, cancer, and digital transformation of the public sector.

The Innovent Forum focuses on promoting and showcasing innovative products and services from Greek companies, research centers, and universities, promoting networking and collaboration. It is a platform that contributes to the development of new products and services and encourages innovation in Greek society. Innovent Forum 2024 marked the beginning of a dialogue on promoting innovation in key areas of Greek society, while the smartHEALTH hub continues to promote digital evolution and intelligent health in our country and beyond. smartHEALTH’s participation in this event is yet another testimony of its commitment to promoting digital innovation and improving the healthcare sector in Greece.

smartHEALTH operates as a “one-stop-shop” for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups, midcaps, and the public sector, providing them with specialized support to enhance business processes and develop products and services through the use of digital technology. Furthermore, smartHEALTH connects the most significant organizations in the Greek ecosystem in the field of digital and intelligent health, aiming to facilitate digital transformation in both the private and public sector.

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