smartHEALTH Hub Participates in the 26th Development Forum: Synergies in Research and Innovation

smartHEALTH will be featured at the 26th Development Forum, taking place on November 18 and 19, 2023, at the “Astir” hotel (Agios Andrea 16, Patras) in a hybrid format organized by the Development Forum Network. This is a special opportunity for our hub as it brings experts and pioneers in the healthcare sector together for an engaging dialogue on the topic “SYNERGIES EVERYWHERE.” The Forum will be held with physical presence of speakers and attendees and with live broadcasts of all its events on the official platform of the organization forumanaptixis.gr.

smartHEALTH will be presented on Saturday, November 18, 2023, from 12:30 to 14:30 in Hall II of the “Astir” hotel in a session titled “smartHEALTH Workshop: Synergies in Research and Innovation, indicative applications in health sciences” organized by our hub’s partner: the Association of Enterprises and Industries of Peloponnese & Western Greece (SEVPE&DW).

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The speakers at the event will include individuals with distinct expertise and skills in the field of digital innovation and healthcare. The opening remarks at the conference will be given by Cleomenis Barlos, President of SEVPE&DW, and Fokion Zaimis, Deputy Regional Governor for Development, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship of P.D.E. The speeches will focus on topics such as 3D printing and health, open network infrastructures, hygiene, and safety in workplaces using 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, as well as the latest technological advancements in the healthcare sector. Specifically, the speakers are:

  • Dr. Vasilios Drakopoulos, Director of Applications at IECHME/ITE, Scientific Director of EKEPEK AE – “3D Printing and Health: A dynamic relationship of innovation.”
  • Dr. Spyros Denazis, Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Scientific Coordinator of the π-NET Skills Center – “Open Network Infrastructures as a means of research and innovation.”
  • Dr. Sotiris Makris, Executive Director of the TEACHING FACTORY Skills Center – “Hygiene and safety in workplaces using 4th Industrial Revolution technologies.”
  • Lykourgos Stavropoulos, Economist, Responsible for Smart Specialization Strategy EYD-PDE, Member of the Board of Directors of the Scientific Park of Patras – “Smart specialization strategy: The present and future of innovative entrepreneurship in Western Greece.”
  • Prof. Chrysostomos Stylios, Director of the Institute of Industrial Systems INBIS/EK ATHENS – “Cutting-Edge Technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution and Applications in the Health Sector.”

The event will be live-streamed on www.forumanaptixis.gr for those unable to attend in person. The #smartHEALTH, as a European Hub of Digital Innovation for Intelligent Health, aims to be the driving force behind the process of digital transformation in the public and private sectors.

The participation of smartHEALTH in this significant event highlights its role as a pioneer in the field of digital health and medical precision. Through research and development activities, smartHEALTH provides specialized expertise to improve business and production processes at both national and international levels. The 26th Development Forum is expected to offer a rich discussion on collaborations in every sector and to encourage the exchange of ideas and proposals for the future of development and innovation.

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