smartHEALTH Participates in the InnoHealth Forum 2023: Innovation and Digital Health

smartHEALTH will participate in the InnoHealth Forum 2023, an annual event that serves as the core of innovation and digital health. The event will take place on September 22 and 23, 2023, at the JOIST Innovation Park in Larissa, supported by the University of Thessaly and under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and Investments and Elevate Greece. Representatives of smartHEALTH will be present at the Foundation for Technology and Research booth throughout the forum.

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Learn more about the two-day hybrid exhibition on the official website: innohealthforum.joistpark.eu

You can view the Forum Agenda here!

During the event, smartHEALTH will participate in a roundtable discussion titled “Solutions for Digital Transformation by European Digital Innovation Hubs.” Mr. Dimitrios Katehakis, Head of the Center for eHealth Applications and Services (CeHA) at the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH), will provide valuable insights into the evolution of digital health in Europe in collaboration with European Digital Innovation Hubs. Additionally, smartHEALTH will organize a workshop on High-Performance Computing (HPC), offering participants an overview of the advantages that HPC can offer to their businesses through the smartHEALTH European Digital Innovation Hub.

The InnoHealth Forum 2023 is expected to be a pioneering event showcasing the most advanced technologies and solutions in the field of eHealth. Bringing together healthcare professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers from various sectors, it paves the way for collaborations, innovations, and the future of eHealth. With over 30 participations, parallel speeches, panel discussions, and a rich program of events, the InnoHealth Forum 2023 promises to be a milestone in the field, addressing healthcare leaders, healthcare providers, entrepreneurs, scientists, students, and all those interested in the evolution of eHealth.

Interactive Workshop: “Digital Transformation in Healthcare: How Can High-Performance Computing (HPC) Transform Your Business”

Supported by the smartHEALTH Node and EuroCC@Greece

As part of the Forum, a workshop will be held on Friday, September 22, 2023, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. with the support of the smartHEALTH Node in collaboration with EuroCC@Greece and the National Competence Center (NCC). You can view this specific workshop on the Forum Agenda here!

In this workshop, Mr. Karamanis will present the European node for digital innovation in Precision Medicine and innovative eHealth services (smartHEALTH), which brings together all research and innovation leaders in Greece in the field of digital and smart health to facilitate the digital transformation of both the private and public sectors. Mr. Karamanis will be followed by Ms. Eleni Kanellou, a collaborating researcher at the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) representing EuroCC@Greece, who will present the importance of adapting high-performance computing infrastructures (HPC) to SMEs and the impact on drug discovery, precision medicine, and healthcare. Participants will have the opportunity to gain an overview of the various advantages that High-Performance Computing can offer to their businesses through the smartHEALTH European Digital Innovation Hub.

smartHEALTH is the European Node for Digital Innovation in Intelligent Health. It offers an integrated one-stop service where small and medium-sized enterprises, startups, midcaps, and the public sector can address to improve their business processes and productivity processes, leveraging digital technology. smartHEALTH specializes in areas such as precision medicine, cancer, and the digital transformation of the public sector, promoting technological advancement through Research and Development actions at national and international level.

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