Participation of smartHEALTH in the MEDICON’23 & CMBEBIH’23 Conference in Sarajevo

In September 2023, the international conference MEDICON’23 took place in Sarajevo, bringing together significant professionals, researchers, and scientists from around the world to discuss the latest developments in the fields of medical technology and digital health. Dr. Georgios Drosatos, Researcher at the Institute for Language and Speech Processing at the ATHENA Research Center and General Secretary of the European Alliance of Medical and Biological Engineering and Science (EAMBES), represented the smartHEALTH hub at the conference. His presence exemplifies the activity of the smartHEALTH consortium and our continuous efforts to promote digital innovation in healthcare in Greece, the Balkans, and across Europe.

At the MEDICON’23 & CMBEBIH’23 conference, supported by the project “Innovation and Digitalization in SMEs in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” which promotes digital transformation at the European level, Dr. Drosatos presented smartHEALTH, providing an excellent opportunity for exchanging views and experiences with prominent figures from the healthcare technology field. The event aimed to embrace interdisciplinary approaches and promote collaboration among scientists, engineers, physicians, and entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector.

The participation of the smartHEALTH hub in the conference was twofold, actively engaging in two distinct events within the conference framework. Dr. Drosatos’ involvement in MEDICON’23 began with the opening session of the conference, which included prominent figures such as the Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nermin Nikšić, making his participation even more significant.

Meet the DIHs and ΕDIHs – Networking Event

The “Meet the DIHs and EDIHs – Networking Event” session followed, where the smartHEALTH EDIH was presented, alongside Its4Health DIH from the Verlab Research Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Medical Devices, and Artificial Intelligence and EIT Health. Dr. Drosatos shared the smartHEALTH hub’s experience as a member of the European Digital Innovation Hubs Network in the Digital Health sector and addressed significant questions regarding the operation and future of the EDIH. The panel also hosted distinguished representatives from the field, fostering discussions on topics such as the success of smartHEALTH and similar EDIHs, service delivery models, and bureaucratic issues that may hinder service contract fulfillment.

PANEL – Building Resilience: The Intersection of Digital Innovation, Green Transformation, and Preparedness in Healthcare Institutions

The second session at MEDICON’23, in which Dr. Drosatos participated, focused on “Building Resilience: The Intersection of Digital Innovation, Green Transformation, and Preparedness in Healthcare Institutions.” Discussions revolved around leveraging Digital Innovation to enhance the sustainability of healthcare institutions and minimize their environmental footprint. The panel also examined how the use of digital technologies has improved healthcare institutions’ preparedness for public health crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Drosatos primarily focused on digital transformation in the public sector and healthcare system, as well as digital tools developed during the pandemic.

The participation of the smartHEALTH consortium in MEDICON’23 not only facilitated knowledge acquisition and exchange but also enabled interaction with significant stakeholders and professionals in the digital health field. This collaboration serves as a valuable asset for smartHEALTH and the promotion of digital innovation in Greece and Europe.

Finally, the participation of the smartHEALTH hub exemplifies how Greek professionals and researchers demonstrate high levels of expertise and collaboration at the international level, enhancing the country’s reputation in the fields of digital innovation and healthcare.

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