smartHEALTH participated in the seminar “Accessing Synthetic Health Data for SMEs”

smartHEALTH participated in the seminar “Accessing Synthetic Health Data for SMEs” organized within the framework of the Health Data Thematic Innovation Ecosystem initiative. Mr. Dimitrios Katehakis presented the smartHEALTH during the webinar titled “Accessing Synthetic Health Data for SMEs: A Greek Perspective.” The seminar highlighted the challenges faced by SMEs in the healthcare sector when trying out their initial ideas related to artificial intelligence. Complex regulations and regulatory requirements often delay the development of products and services. Synthetic health data emerged as a solution, allowing businesses to experiment with ideas without the burden of regulation.

As a European Digital Innovation Hub for Intelligent Health, smartHEALTH provides one-stop-shop services for SMEs, startups, midcaps, and the public sector. Its aim is to assist in improving business and productivity processes and products/services through the use of digital technology. Specializing in medical accuracy, cancer treatment, and digital transformation of the public sector, smartHEALTH offers specialized expertise and support in the fields of digital health and medical accuracy.

By participating in this seminar, smartHEALTH strengthens its contribution to promoting innovation in the healthcare sector. It also provides opportunities for collaboration with European Digital Innovation Hubs and other interested groups in the healthcare sector. This event opens up new horizons for collaboration and the development of new solutions in the field of digital health, offering hope for faster and more effective development of technological innovations to aid human health and well-being.

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