Participation of smartHEALTH in the “Thinc Innovation Forum”

smartHEALTH is participating in the innovation conference titled “Thinc Innovation Forum,” which will take place on the upcoming Tuesday, April 4th, and Wednesday, April 5th, at 9:00, organized by Thinc Thrace Incubator at the Elisso XENIA Hotel events hall.

The 1st Innovation Conference titled “THINC INNOVATION FORUM – Developing an innovation ecosystem in the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region” aims to serve as a catalyst for the overall development of an ecosystem in the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region as well as the wider area, through the exchange of views and collaboration of all stakeholders involved. During the two-day conference, 500 participants and over 70 speakers will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue across 12 thematic sessions.

Mr. Pantelis Natsiavas, a researcher at the Institute of Applied Biosciences of the National Centre for Research and Technological Development (INAB|EKETA), will represent the smartHEALTH consortium and participate in the panel of the session titled “European Digital Innovation Hubs in Greece,” from 12:15 to 13:00.

Mr. Natsiavas will be available to engage in discussions with conference attendees regarding the role of Hubs in the digital transformation of businesses and public and private sector entities within the Greek ecosystem. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to converse with Mr. Natsiavas about the actions of the smartHEALTH project and to learn about the services they can receive from smartHEALTH at no cost, as well as other collaboration prospects with the project consortium.

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