Presentation of smartHEALTH at the 25th Annual Conference “Greek ICT Forum” – ICT Services and Apps Everywhere: How does the Greek business react?

smartHEALTH will be presented at the 25th Annual Conference “Greek ICT Forum” – “ICT Services and Apps Everywhere: How Greek Businesses React?” taking place on Monday, March 20, and Tuesday, March 21, at 9:00, at the Pythagoras Conference Center, Olympia B Hall, Divani Caravel in Athens.

The “Greek ICT Forum – Infomobility World,” now in its 25th year, is undoubtedly the largest conference and exhibition for the Greek ICT market. The iconic Greek ICT Forum has been consistently addressing IT, Telecommunications, and Digital Communications Professionals for the past 25 years, including ICT Managers from Enterprises, Banks, and Public Sector Bodies.

smartHEALTH will be presented on the first day (Monday, March 20) by Professor Dimitrios Plexousakis, Director of the Institute of Computer Science, ITI & Coordinator of the smartHEALTH hub, in the session titled ‘Strategic Implementations and Applications of Digital Transformation in Enterprises and Organizations (Part B),’ from 12:00 to 13:30. The presentation will cover the overall hub, its partners, objectives, and actions, followed by a discussion on the role of hubs in the digital transformation of businesses and public sector entities within the Greek ecosystem.

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The program and relevant links for each session can be found here!

About the “Greek ICT Forum”:

When the 1st Greek ICT Forum was addressed to the Greek market in 1999, the concepts of “ICT” and “Forum” did not exist. The overwhelming majority of the few interested were talking about “computerization” and “office machines.” Mainframes, punch cards, and typewriters prevailed then, while personal computers and dial-up internet connections were slowly emerging. Teamworks then spoke about the field of Information and Communication Technologies, which is now becoming known.

The Greek ICT Forum has reached its 25th edition rightfully because a quarter of a century ago it was talking about the unified field of IT/ICT, the one that today everyone sees as the obvious evolution of unified digital technology services. From the Greek ICT Forum, announcements and strategic announcements of the IT and Communications Technology sector have been and continue to be made, along with presentations of the most significant projects in the private and public sectors, with the participation of tens of thousands of delegates. Since its 15th edition, the Greek ICT Forum has been accompanied by Infomobility World, which is an integral part for sectors of applications through Mobile Communications Networks.

Recently, the Greek ICT Forum entered the digital era, and its participants can follow its proceedings from anywhere in the world through the three-dimensional platform supported by the Pythagoras Conference Center.

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