smartHEALTH EDIH Participates in the Conference “Innovation in Greece and the Supporting Entities 4.0”

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As part of the conference “Innovation in Greece and the Supporting Entities 4.0,” organized by the Archimedes Center for the fourth consecutive year, the smartHEALTH hub took part with the aim of presenting its significant contribution to the digital transformation of the healthcare sector. The presentation of smartHEALTH was delivered by the head of the Center for eHealth Applications and Services (CeHA) of the Institute of Technology and Research (ITE), Mr. Dimitrios Katechakis, highlighting the hub’s important role in promoting digital and intelligent healthcare in Europe.

The conference featured 18 panels, 164 speakers, and 14 workshops, examining innovation in Greece from various perspectives. It addressed key questions regarding the importance of innovation in Greek society, the sectors it affects, the entities supporting it, the available financial tools, as well as the prospects after the pandemic.

The Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEin) of the Athens University of Economics and Business welcomed participants on Saturday, January 21, and Friday, January 20, for an engaging discussion and information session about the future of innovation in Greece. The ACEin facilities hosted this significant event concerning the future and innovation in Greek society.

The smartHEALTH hub continues to be a key player in promoting digital health and innovation in Europe, combining expertise and technology for the benefit of public health. Its presence at the conference reaffirms its commitment to promoting innovation in the field of digital health.

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