Awarding of the smartHEALTH hub at the HealthCare Business Awards

Disclaimer: This summary is a translated version for our non-Greek audiences. For the complete article, please refer to the original Greek version via the provided link.

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We are proud to announce that the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) as the coordinator of the smartHEALTH hub was awarded in the category of “National/Regional Health Initiative” at the HealthCare Business Awards. BOUSSIAS and Health Daily organized the Healthcare Business Awards for the seventh consecutive year aiming to highlight and reward the best practices and innovative actions across the spectrum of healthcare.

The smartHEALTH project represents the European Hub of Digital Innovation for Intelligent Health: Precision Medicine and Innovative eHealth Services (smartHEALTH), which acts as a “one-stop-shop” for digital health. Small and medium-sized enterprises, startups, midcaps, and the public sector can leverage this hub to improve their services through digital technology. smartHEALTH provides specialized expertise in areas such as medical accuracy, cancer treatment, and the process of digital transformation in the public sector.

This recognition is an acknowledgment of our efforts to promote digital and intelligent health in Greece and the broader healthcare sector.

We continue to work towards this direction, offering expertise and innovation for the benefit of our community.

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