Episode #4 – Interview with Stavros Pitoglou

Welcome to the fourth episode of the smartHEALTH hub’s Podcast series presented by Mr. Pantelis Natsiavas!

Disclaimer: The language spoken is Greek!

Episode 4: Discussion with Stavros Pitoglou – Technical Director and Specialist in Research & Development at Computer Solutions S.A. (CSSA)

In our fourth episode, we converse with Stavros Pitoglou, an experienced expert in the intersection of technology and healthcare. With a solid education in physics and engineering, along with extensive experience in research and development, Mr. Pitoglou has played a pivotal role in advancing innovation in the healthcare sector.

Together, we explore how through CSSA, Mr. Pitoglou seeks solutions utilizing technology in healthcare and promotes innovation to enhance the quality of patient care.

Watch the episode for an original discussion about the convergence of technology and healthcare from the perspective of an industry specialist. 🎙️🔬

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