Episode #2 – Interview with Georgios Nikolaidis

Welcome to the second episode of the smartHEALTH hub’s Podcast series presented by Mr. Pantelis Natsiavas!

Disclaimer: The language spoken is Greek!

smartHEALTH’s Video Podcast series: Episode #2 – Interview with Georgios Nikolaidis

In this episode of the video podcast series by the smartHEALTH hub, we present Episode #2 – Interview with Georgios Nikolaidis.

Continuing our quest for experiences from the world of smart health, we bring you another exciting conversation. In this interview, Georgios Nikolaidis, CEO of Ergobyte, shares his journey from the founding of Ergobyte in 2002 and beyond Galen to its latest contribution to the technological advancement of the healthcare sector.

With a focus on seeking the best IT solutions for healthcare, Georgios Nikolaidis guides us through his perspective on eHealth. He also highlights the importance of internationalizing products and collaborating with research centers.

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